Finding Child Care Is Now Easy Thanks To Sittercity

sittercity-sittersAmong the recognized child care web sites in the service industry is, undoubtedly, Sittercity. Sittercity is a service provider for reliable child care and caregiving. A company like Sittercity spares parents time in searching for the most suitable sitter for their kids. The website itself is, amazingly, a user-friendly site whereby anyone can easily sign up as a fellow member by simply paying out a monthly fee to be able to easily gain access to the site’s listings of babysitters. Interestingly, Sittercity does not only offer child care services, they’re able to let all their members gain accessibility to other features like pet care and elderly care.

Parents Love Sittercity

Parents totally deserve to have every tangible tool to be at their own disposal when they are trying to search for someone to provide care for their kids. According to, it is a well-known simple fact that it is unsafe to place an advertisement for a sitter in a magazine or even on a community bulletin board. Unfortunately, it sends a sign to the wrong element that you’re not very careful. Anyone can just reply to your ad post and provide false character references as well as certifications. If an aspirant has got a sketchy past, how would you know? Sittercity gives you all the tools you really need to carry out an extensive history search at no cost. That is an awesome deal specially when considering the safety and protection of our little ones is priceless.

Not only does Sittercity give you information about the babysitters in terms of parental reviews, you could likewise have access to references and background evaluation.

Definitely, the safety of your child is your top most priority. Based on most Sittercity reviews I’ve seen, the site really does everything to ensure that you are very comfortable with the applicant you’re choosing to patiently watch the little ones. In case you have a kid who has specific needs, you really don’t need to be anxious as you can do a search for those who could meet those specifications. Don’t just choose randomly when you’ve a lot of resources at your fingertips.

Getting The Right One

When I think of the way my parents used to select a babysitter, it really makes me horribly cringe. In retrospect, it was implied a sitter needed to be responsible but there just was not any real selection process. Babysitters at times were often closely related to someone within a circle of relatives or friends. I’m thankful parents actually do reference checks nowadays. Sittercity should have been around a very long time ago. I’m happy they are available to keep the kids stay safe.

I’m always asked where parents could look to locate a good babysitter. It is because I have a good one for my own children. It just was not by accident that we ended up choosing her. We found her on Sittercity. I wanted a responsible, enthusiastic student who can live in to help with the kids and also the household chores and errands. Right after a thorough screening procedure, we had found and met our babysitter. Unbelievably, the search was a very smooth process, thanks to Sittercity’s easy-to-use site.

In case you are interested in using Sittercity, I highly recommend using a Sittercity Promo Code on iparentinglife to save some money and get started. This truly is one of the best sitter resources that I have found that is worth my money and time.

Can I Do Without The Spanking?

I was spanked once or maybe twice as a kid. I vaguely remember it. I was pretty lucky that my parents hardly did any spanking. It just wasn’t their way to discipline us.

But now that I’m a parent, I’m in a crossroad. Should I spank my kids when the time comes? Or can I do without the spanking?

Spanking Does Not Make It Any Better

There are still a lot of parents that think spanking is a good way to discipline their kids. I have met parents that believe in spanking. So now that I’m a new mom, I’m wondering if it really is the best way to discipline kids. This quandary led me to learn more about parenting. In the process, I came across this resource that really got me thinking.

Dr. Ari Brown, a pediatrician, gave some eye-opening thoughts on spanking.

“Many of us were spanked as children but that doesn’t make it okay.”

Dr. Brown points out that we, parents, are our children’s model. Everything we do is imitated by our children.

“… using physical force is the last thing you want your child to imitate …”

Such physical acts like “ spanking, hitting, or kicking” actually leaves a message that it’s acceptable to “express frustration by force”. Here’s another startling fact about spanking. Children that have been spanked manifest a more aggressive behavior than children that weren’t spanked at all.

The Concept Of Discipline

Discipline is taught to children. We, parents, have to patiently teach our kids the concept of discipline. We do this by reminding and by modeling the right behavior as well. That concept totally contradicts the discipline method of spanking.

With spanking, the child becomes scared of his parents. On top of that, the child thinks it’s natural for his parents to hurt him if he makes a mistake. That’s definitely not the right concept of discipline.

Spanking does not show the child how to behave accordingly and most especially, does not explain why there are rules. Clearly, spanking does not do anything but harm the child.

“The best discipline methods to teach children that there are natural consequences for poor behavior.”

A More Positive Discipline Method

Spanking is a poor parenting choice. But unfortunately, some parents resort to this. I don’t want to make this mistake. Although I know it’s going to be hard.

“If you feel like you’re losing your cool, take a step back and take a deep cleansing breath.”

Nothing beats taking a deep breath. That and counting up to ten or maybe even up to 20. The point is we need to show the children that we are patient with them.

I know there will be times when I will lose my patience with my kids. But I will definitely do without the spanking to get the right message across. This is one positive discipline method that I will hang on to.

Top Reasons Why I Use This Online Sitter Service

finding-sitters-on-sittercityAs a parent, you probably have a long list of mobile numbers of babysitters living nearby. That’s because you can never be too sure of just one babysitter. No matter how trusted she is and how close she is to the family, you can never really be too sure about her availability. So you rely on the long list of mobile numbers with the hope of finding one when the need arises.

If you’re tired of finding babysitters that way, it’s high time you try Sittercity. With Sittercity, there’s no need to rely on other people to babysit your kids. At any time of the day and night, you can find a babysitter on Sittercity. Finally, you don’t have to depend on family members to watch your kids. You can hire a babysitter based on your schedule and not on the babysitter’s availability. That can make your life a lot easier.

No More Long List Of Mobile Numbers

With Sittercity alone, you can easily find babysitters for your kids. You just have to post a notice of need and almost instantly, you have a list of applicants in your inbox. You’ll find that very convenient because you can have a lot of options to choose from. Unlike before when your choices were limited (very limited!) to the numbers you kept on your mobile phone.

You’ll find it very easy to post a job on Sittercity. You just need to make sure to include all the details so you can easily get connected to the babysitters that are available on the dates you had specified. Finally, you don’t have to deal with availability issues. With Sittercity, there’s always a babysitter available on the dates when you need one.

Access To Reviews Of Parents

Although you may find the services of Sittercity very convenient, you may still have doubts about hiring babysitters online. That’s a natural feeling because you can’t really trust all the applicants. Just because they’re available on your desired dates doesn’t mean they can be trusted.

This is the reason why the site gives you access to reviews on sitters other parents have posted. As a Sittercity member, you will feel that you belong to an exclusive community of concerned parents. So anytime you want to know more about an applicant, you can check out their reviews and have the peace of mind that they are written by concerned parents. By the way, do make sure to use a verified Sittercity promo code before you become a member so that you can enjoy some great savings.

Since you can access reviews from Sittercity, you really won’t have to pick up the phone and call friends for references and feedback. Those days are finally over and done with Sittercity.

Run A Background Check

In case you’ find that the reviews aren’t enough to help you choose the right babysitter, Sittercity offers you another service that can provide you more information about the applicant you’re interested in hiring. While all the babysitters in Sittercity already have a background check that’s good for six months, you can run a more extensive background check just to be sure.

Sittercity understands the fact that parents want to be totally sure and that’s why they offer this particular service. According to CXBaby, a great resource for babysitting tips, the background check of Sittercity is very affordable but at the same time, very useful because you will be able to find out if the applicant has had any criminal record in the past. So in case, you’re still reluctant about hiring a complete stranger to watch your kids, this particular service of Sittercity will protect you from hiring a criminal. You can rest assure that you are protected by Sittercity.

You’ve got everything you need with Sittercity, when it comes to choosing the right babysitter for your kids. You won’t need to call up friends and family to ask for favors and you won’t need to go through other agencies to make sure your kids are protected. Sittercity is all you need when it comes to childcare.

A Quick Home Improvement Tip From Angie’s List

angies-list-reviews-remodeling-kitchenDo you ever find yourself wondering how to “tidy” up your kitchen? Do you look around you while waiting for the food to cook and try to visualize how everything could look so much cleaner if only you can put your appliances away like you do the dishes? I wondered the same thing myself when I came across an article on Angie’s List. The article discussed the benefits of concealing appliances in the kitchen as well as the cons of doing so.

I started reading and found this article on concealed appliances I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and I for one understand the need for less clutter specially when there are children in the house. According to Homeowners Life website, installing appliances in cabinets can make the difference in putting order in a kitchen, especially so if it happens to be a small one. There are many kinds of styles that one can choose from that would fit your everyday activities. Nowadays, minimal is more.

This is really not a new trend. Putting appliances in cabinets were done several decades back, but I think it is only now that we feel the need for it as spaces become smaller and smaller every day.

However, it warns that, “Concealed appliances do require some special accommodations during the installation, including heavy springs for dishwasher and refrigerator doors, and specially crafted vents to allow the appliances to exhaust. ”

Some kitchen appliances might need special planning in order to give less trouble in the long run. Making sure that the appliance can easily be removed from a cabinet for servicing when the need arises assures me of a hassle-free maintenance in my kitchen. It does not have to be a perfect science. Some things I have discovered through trial and error but laying down all possibilities and preparing for them in the future will surely go a long way in reorganizing my kitchen. By the way, make sure to use the latest promo code angies list when you decide to become a member of this great resource for homeowners.

Ultimately, what is needed when remodeling our kitchen is always considering the one who uses it the most. And we all know that the job can be more enjoyable and a lot more fun when everything is in its proper places. Putting appliances in cabinets will definitely make our kitchen look and feel cleaner. It is like putting away dishes and pots and pans so the area looks more like any other room in the house.

Always remember though, that any task at hand will be easy and less trouble if we consult the professionals. There is a lot of information on the internet that can help us decide whether or not to ‘conceal’ our appliances. Budget can also be a big consideration in the whole remodeling process.

So in considering these home improvement tips, it is best to find the right contractor, according to home service Angie’s List reviews . This, of course, entails proper planning and execution. But in the long run, I feel that concealing appliances can not only provide a lot space in the kitchen but can also protect the appliances. This is one home improvement tip I’m interested in exploring.

Inspiring Weight Loss Story From Medifast

medifast-weight-lossIt seems that weight gain is inevitable, especially for moms like us. As we all age, the pounds start to show. For some, weight gain is easy to control. But for most folks, it becomes a challenging path of depression, withdrawal, and hopelessness.

One of the most depressing phases of weight gain is when people take notice. And if that’s not enough, they insensitively blurt out, “You’ve gained some weight!”

People who have gained weight are very aware of their situation, according to weight loss resource There’s really no need for them to be reminded of it. It’s the first thing they see when they look in the mirror every morning. Their feelings of insecurity and hopelessness can be quite overwhelming. Jackie Powell, a mom in her 40’s recounts:

“I started becoming depressed, ashamed, and embarrassed with my weight gain. I isolated myself from people who knew me when I was thin.”

Jackie had gained so much weight from her four pregnancies. As hard as she had tried, it just wasn’t easy for her to lose the weight at 40 years of age. This is a very common situation with women in their 40’s. Weight gain becomes their number one enemy. But Jackie Powell stands out because she made a move with Medifast. After reading the Medifast diet reviews that she came across on the internet, she chose to do something about her weight gain.

“I finally took a good look at myself and realized that I wasn’t trapped. This was my body and I needed to figure out how to lose the weight and keep it off.”

Jackie was convinced to try out Medifast because of all the positive reviews she had read about the program. She bravely got on the program and stayed. Eventually she was able to lose 100 lbs.

People, like Jackie Powell, have realized the need to do something about their weight gain. This is very important. But sad to say, a lot of women stay on the depression stage because they simply don’t want to do anything about their sorry situation. Snapping out of the sorry situation is a major breakthrough to get through the pains of weight gain.

It seems quite hard to believe that someone could lose 100 lbs. It’s hard enough to lose weight at a young age, what more 100 lbs at 40-something. But this is why Medifast is way ahead of the other weight loss program; it just works!

There are four reasons as to why I think Medifast works. The first is because it’s safe. Backed up by medical and health experts, Medifast is the safest weight loss program to choose. The system starts out with the 5 & 1 Plan that allows the dieter to eat six times a day. This is a good incentive for anyone who wants to lose weight; eating six times a day at the same time losing weight. By the way, make sure to use the latest Medifast coupons so that your purchase of this diet will be much more affordable. These coupon deals on Medifast are really worth it so take advantage of these.

The second reason why Medifast works is because it’s easy to stick to it. Jackie Powell chose to stick to Medifast, exploring the system and taking advantage of the support system.

The third reason why Medifast works is because of the well-guided transition phase. Soon as the weight loss is realized, there is a transition period to a healthier lifestyle.

The fourth reason as to why Medifast works is because it helps maintain the weight loss. Jackie Powell applied the winning formula to her new lifestyle and won the weight battle.

Jackie Powell was able to lose 100 lbs. At her age, losing that much seemed surreal. But thanks to Medifast, it was possible. Jackie Powell made a great move, she chose Medifast.

How Much Should Your Child’s School Allowance Be?

child-school-allowanceResearch says that six out of ten parents give their children allowance for school. How much money to give them per week is dependent on their ability to handle money matters. Children’s attitude towards money differ from each other. Children who grew up saving in piggy banks keep a certain portion of their allowance regularly while others who are used to spending a lot come up with empty pockets at the end of the week.

There are several ways to determine how much money to give a child per week. Some recommend giving a child 50 cents for each year of age while others say a dollar a year will do. The amount is also be dependent on the capacity of the parents to give weekly allowances.

Another method is by asking the child what he needs to buy on a daily basis like food or refreshments. Since their school rides are free and school materials are provided for, they only have to spend on food. In this way, the parent can compute how much they will need to buy snacks for the day.

Extra money for children can also come in the form of payment for chores. Although this should not be the case all the time since children can get the notion that all house chores should be paid. There are special chores that can be rewarded with money like cleaning out the garage or an extensive yard work. All the rest of the usual chores such as folding clothes, doing the dishes, and the like are to be done without payment.

The key to an effective “money allowance” system is consistency. Parents ought to set rules as to when allowances should be given, how much, and what it covers. In this manner, children will know how to budget their money.

More than giving allowances, the parents must also introduce the concept of saving money and buying only what is necessary. By trusting the children to handle money, parents are building their confidence in decision-making. The child becomes more responsible, a vital trait in the adult years.

New Moms Rely On Diet Delivery Services

Weight gain was one of the reasons why I got depressed after I gave birth. Amidst the excitement of seeing my new baby, the reality of weight gain set in almost immediately. The expansion of my body after giving birth was just simply inevitable. I just couldn’t bear to look at myself in the mirror.

So together with having a new baby came the challenge of losing weight. As a new mom, this challenge was simply not interesting enough for me to undertake. Given all the amount of time and energy needed to take care of my newborn, there was just nothing left in me to get on a good weight loss program. I just didn’t have the energy for that.

Then I discovered Bistro MD through some Bistro MD diet reviews that I came across while doing some research on the internet. I also came across some Diet-To-Go plan reviews, which I thought were also interesting.

Bistro MD weight loss program is a service that delivers tasty and nutritious meals. This is perfect for new moms like me that don’t have time to cook or prepare anything edible to eat.

BistroMD Is Best For New Moms

As a new mom, I need all the nutrients I can get. Unfortunately, I usually just end up eating anything on the go.

But Bistro MD has changed all that. With the pre-portioned and calorie-controlled meals, I can now find healthy and yummy alternatives in Bistro MD. There’s no need to end up eating anything when Bistro MD offers an array of chef-prepared meals. All these meals are nutritious and good for my body. My energy level is up at the same time, my body is gradually getting back to shape.

Another reason why Bistro MD is highly recommended for a new mom like me is that the meals can be designed to suit my specific needs when dieting. This is a great feature to consider most especially for a new mom like me. Bistro MD knows all the changes that new moms go through. I, for one, have developed some kind of food allergy after giving birth. So since Bistro MD can customize the meals to suit specific needs, I don’t have to worry about the food I eat.

Since Bistro MD is a diet delivery service, it really entails zero prep time. Just a few minutes in the oven and the meals are all good to go. I can enjoy delicious tasting meals without having to worry about anything at all. Bistro MD just fits so well into my daily life.

New Moms Can Drop The Weight Fast With Bistro MD

Now, I don’t have to worry about my weight. With Bistro MD, weight loss is very easy and almost effortless. It fits right into my lifestyle, giving me all the time, effort, and energy to just focus on my new born.

Advice For New Moms

parenting-styleBecoming a new mom is not easy. You are always groping in the dark for tips and advice, hoping you can carry them out well. Every waking moment, you stop and ask yourself, “Am I doing the right thing?”  The anxiety just doesn’t end.

Such is the reason there is a big fuss about the new breed of mothers. These new breed of mothers are coming out with their own kind of parenting formula. So now, you have various mothers claiming to be the following:

  • Tiger Moms
  • Dolphin Moms
  • Lion Moms
  • Teddy Moms

As a new mom, you would really wonder as to which kind of parenting style is applicable to you.

The Tiger Mom

Amy Chua’s book, Battle of the Tiger Mother, has been making waves. This has sparked the curiosity of almost every mom around. Seeing how successful Amy Chua is as a mom, it’s not surprising that new moms are looking into this kind of parenting style.

“The Battle Hymn of a Tiger Mom is about being strong, fierce, and uncompromising about high expectations.”

Below is a list of things that a Tiger Mom does not allow her kids to do:

  • Attend a sleep over
  • Have a playdate
  • Watch television or play computer games
  • Get any grade lower than A+
  • Play any instrument other than the piano or violin

Suffice it to say, this particular kind of parenting style has gotten some strong reactions. But in spite of that, this particular kind of parenting style is described as as a loving and caring.

“It’s got to be high expectations coupled with love and listening.”

The Dolphin Mom

Erika Christakis, an early childhood educator, is a Dolphin Mom. She patterns her parenting style to the playfulness of a dolphin.

“There’s a bit of a misconception about play. Oh yes, it’s really nice and if you want your kids to be happy and well-adjusted well, you know, let them play … actually, it has real cognitive benefits and those have been well-established for decades.”

As a Dolphin Mom, Erika Christakis stresses:

“You can be a strong parent just as a dolphin is actually a top predator and a carnivore and quite a tough animal. You can be a strong parent and not literally devour your children with your own rather narrow  defined expectations.”

The Lion Mom

Lucy Danziger is the editor-in-chief of Self Magazine. She depicts another kind of breed called Lion Mom.

“A Lion Mom is often busy…hunting or taking care of the whole pride. But the cub is in a very secure place … free to find their own way.”

She describes freedom as an vital component of her parenting style:

“I gave total freedom, not freedom to misbehave but freedom to find your own thing.”

The Teddy Mom

While Juju Chang was raised by a Tiger Mom, she confesses to be a Teddy Mom. This particular kind of parenting style is more forgiving.

With all these new parenting styles evolving, you now have more tips and ideas to follow. But the most important thing to consider in choosing a particular parenting style is how to customize it to your own needs. While the Tiger Mom style seems promising, you should be able to know when it’s time to listen and just be a plain mom to your kids.