Inspiring Weight Loss Story From Medifast

medifast-weight-lossIt seems that weight gain is inevitable, especially for moms like us. As we all age, the pounds start to show. For some, weight gain is easy to control. But for most folks, it becomes a challenging path of depression, withdrawal, and hopelessness.

One of the most depressing phases of weight gain is when people take notice. And if that’s not enough, they insensitively blurt out, “You’ve gained some weight!”

People who have gained weight are very aware of their situation, according to Medifast reviews resource There’s really no need for them to be reminded of it. It’s the first thing they see when they look in the mirror every morning. Their feelings of insecurity and hopelessness can be quite overwhelming. Jackie Powell, a mom in her 40’s recounts:

“I started becoming depressed, ashamed, and embarrassed with my weight gain. I isolated myself from people who knew me when I was thin.”

Jackie had gained so much weight from her four pregnancies. As hard as she had tried, it just wasn’t easy for her to lose the weight at 40 years of age. This is a very common situation with women in their 40’s. Weight gain becomes their number one enemy. But Jackie Powell stands out because she made a move with Medifast. After reading the Medifast diet reviews that she came across on the internet, she chose to do something about her weight gain.

“I finally took a good look at myself and realized that I wasn’t trapped. This was my body and I needed to figure out how to lose the weight and keep it off.”

Jackie was convinced to try out Medifast because of all the positive reviews she had read about the program. She bravely got on the program and stayed. Eventually she was able to lose 100 lbs.

People, like Jackie Powell, have realized the need to do something about their weight gain. This is very important. But sad to say, a lot of women stay on the depression stage because they simply don’t want to do anything about their sorry situation. Snapping out of the sorry situation is a major breakthrough to get through the pains of weight gain.

It seems quite hard to believe that someone could lose 100 lbs. It’s hard enough to lose weight at a young age, what more 100 lbs at 40-something. But this is why Medifast is way ahead of the other weight loss program; it just works!

There are four reasons as to why I think Medifast works. The first is because it’s safe. Backed up by medical and health experts, Medifast is the safest weight loss program to choose. The system starts out with the 5 & 1 Plan that allows the dieter to eat six times a day. This is a good incentive for anyone who wants to lose weight; eating six times a day at the same time losing weight. By the way, make sure to use the latest Medifast coupons so that your purchase of this diet will be much more affordable. These coupon deals on Medifast are really worth it so take advantage of these.

The second reason why Medifast works is because it’s easy to stick to it. Jackie Powell chose to stick to Medifast, exploring the system and taking advantage of the support system.

The third reason why Medifast works is because of the well-guided transition phase. Soon as the weight loss is realized, there is a transition period to a healthier lifestyle.

The fourth reason as to why Medifast works is because it helps maintain the weight loss. Jackie Powell applied the winning formula to her new lifestyle and won the weight battle.

Jackie Powell was able to lose 100 lbs. At her age, losing that much seemed surreal. But thanks to Medifast, it was possible. Jackie Powell made a great move, she chose Medifast.